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a combining form with the meanings “fluorine,” “fluoride,” used in the formation of compound words:
a combining form with the meaning “fluorescence,” used in the formation of compound words:
combining form
indicating the presence of fluorine: fluorocarbon
indicating fluorescence: fluoroscope

fluoro- or fluor-


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  • Fluorocarbon

    [floo r-oh-kahr-buh n, flawr-, flohr-] /ˌflʊər oʊˌkɑr bən, ˈflɔr-, ˈfloʊr-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. any of a class of compounds produced by substituting fluorine for hydrogen in a hydrocarbon, and characterized by great chemical stability: used chiefly as a lubricant, refrigerant, fire extinguishing agent, and in industrial and other applications in which chemical, electrical, flame, and […]

  • Fluorochrome

    [floo r-uh-krohm, flawr-, flohr-] /ˈflʊər əˌkroʊm, ˈflɔr-, ˈfloʊr-/ noun, Histology. 1. any of a group of fluorescent dyes used to label biological material. /ˈflʊərəʊˌkrəʊm/ noun 1. a chemical entity, such as a molecule or group, that exhibits fluorescence fluorochrome fluor·o·chrome (flur’ə-krōm’, flôr’-) n. Any of a group of fluorescent dyes used to stain tissues and […]

  • Fluorography

    [floo-rog-ruh-fee, flaw-, floh-] /flʊˈrɒg rə fi, flɔ-, floʊ-/ noun 1. . /flʊəˈrɒɡrəfɪ/ noun 1. the photographic recording of fluoroscopic images fluorography fluo·rog·ra·phy (flu-rŏg’rə-fē, flô-) n. See photofluorography.

  • Fluorometer

    [floo-rom-i-ter, flaw-, floh-] /flʊˈrɒm ɪ tər, flɔ-, floʊ-/ noun 1. an instrument for measuring fluorescence, often as a means of determining the nature of the substance emitting the fluorescence. /ˌflʊəˈrɒmɪtə/ noun 1. an instrument for inducing fluorescence by irradiation and for examination of the emission spectrum of the resulting fluorescent light 2. a device for […]

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