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[floo r-uh-skohp, flawr-, flohr-] /ˈflʊər əˌskoʊp, ˈflɔr-, ˈfloʊr-/

a tube or box fitted with a screen coated with a fluorescent substance, used for viewing objects, especially deep body structures, by means of x-ray or other radiation.
a device consisting of a fluorescent screen and an X-ray source that enables an X-ray image of an object, person, or part to be observed directly

fluoroscope fluor·o·scope (flur’ə-skōp’, flôr’-)
A device equipped with a fluorescent screen on which the internal structures of an optically opaque object, such as the human body, may be continuously viewed as shadowy images formed by the differential transmission of x-rays through the object. v. fluor·o·scoped, fluor·o·scop·ing, fluor·o·scopes
To examine the interior of a body with a fluoroscope.
fluor’o·scop’ic (-skŏp’ĭk) adj.
fluor’o·scop’i·cal·ly adv.
A radiologic instrument equipped with a fluorescent screen on which opaque internal structures can be viewed as moving shadow images formed by the differential transmission of x-rays through the body.

fluoroscopy noun (fl-rŏs’kə-pē)


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