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Flush it


An exclamation of contempt and disbelief: I started to explain, but the cop told me to flush it (1970s+)

verb phrase

To fail a course, examination, etc; flunk (1960s+ College students)


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    noun 1. See under 2 (def 8). [fluhsh] /flʌʃ/ adjective 1. even or level, as with a surface; forming the same plane: The bottom of the window is flush with the floor. 2. having direct contact; being right next to; immediately adjacent; contiguous: The table was flush against the wall. 3. well-supplied, as with money; […]

  • Flushness

    [fluhsh] /flʌʃ/ noun 1. a blush; rosy glow: a flush of embarrassment on his face. 2. a rushing or overspreading flow, as of water. 3. a sudden rise of emotion or excitement: a flush of anger. 4. glowing freshness or vigor: the flush of youth. 5. hot flush, . 6. a cleansing preparation that acts […]

  • Flushometer

    [fluhsh-om-i-ter] /flʌʃˈɒm ɪ tər/ noun 1. a device for flushing toilets that uses system pressure rather than gravity and automatically shuts off after a measured amount of water flow in order to conserve water.

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