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flutter-fibrillation n.
An electrocardiographic pattern of atrial activity with features of both fibrillation and flutter.


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  • Flutter-kick

    noun 1. a swimming kick in which the legs make rapid alternate up-and-down movements while the knees remain rigid, as in the crawl. noun 1. a type of kick used in certain swimming strokes, such as the crawl, in which the legs are held straight and alternately moved up and down rapidly in the water

  • Flutter-mill

    noun, Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. 1. a flutter wheel, especially a small one designed as a child’s plaything.

  • Flutter-wheel

    noun 1. a waterwheel at the bottom of a chute, turned by the falling water.

  • Fluttery

    [fluht-uh-ree] /ˈflʌt ə ri/ adjective 1. ; apt to . /ˈflʌtərɪ/ adjective 1. flapping rapidly; fluttering 2. showing nervousness or excitement 3. light or insubstantial

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