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noun, Nautical.
an extension on a jib boom, to which a flying jib is fastened.


Read Also:

  • Flying-jib

    noun, Nautical. 1. the outer or outermost of two or more jibs, set well above the jib boom. noun 1. the jib set furthest forward or outboard on a vessel with two or more jibs

  • Flying-kite

    noun, Nautical. 1. any of various sails set above the royals or skysails in light weather; jolly jumper. 2. any of various light upper staysails, studdingsails, or jibs. 3. (in yachting) any of various racing sails, as spinnakers or balloon jibs.

  • Flying-lemur

    noun 1. either of two lemurlike mammals, Cynocephalus variegatus, of southeastern Asia and the East Indies, or C. volans, of the Philippines, having broad folds of skin on both sides of the body to aid in gliding from tree to tree: now rare. noun 1. either of the two arboreal mammals of the genus Cynocephalus, […]

  • Flying-lizard

    noun 1. . noun 1. any lizard of the genus Draco, of S and SE Asia, having an extensible fold of skin on each side of the body, used to make gliding leaps: family Agamidae (agamas)

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