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[fob] /fɒb/

verb (used with object), fobbed, fobbing.
Archaic. to cheat; deceive.
Verb phrases
fob off,

a chain or ribbon by which a pocket watch is attached to a waistcoat
any ornament hung on such a chain
a small pocket in a man’s waistcoat, for holding a watch
a metal or plastic tab on a key ring
verb fobs, fobbing, fobbed
an archaic word for cheat
(NZ, slang) a Pacific Islander who has newly arrived in New Zealand

1650s, “small pocket for valuables,” probably related to Low German fobke “pocket,” High German fuppe “pocket,” “a dialectal word used in Livonia” [Klein]. Meaning “chain attached to a watch carried in the fob” is from 1885.

“to cheat,” late 14c., from obsolete noun fobbe “cheat, trickster” (late 14c.), perhaps from Old French forbe “cheat” [OED]. Alternative etymology holds that the word is perhaps related to German foppen “to jeer at, make a fool of” (see fop); or from German fuppen, einfuppen “to pocket stealthily,” which would connect it to fob (n.). To fob (someone) off is first recorded 1590s. Related: Fobbed; fobbing.
father of the bride
foreign body


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