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[foh-kuh l] /ˈfoʊ kəl/

of or relating to a .
of or relating to a focus
situated at, passing through, or measured from the focus

1690s, from Modern Latin focalis; see focus + -al (1).

focal fo·cal (fō’kəl)
Of or relating to a focus.

1. FOrmula CALculator.
An interactive system written by Rick Merrill of DEC in 1969 for PDP-5 and PDP-8. It was a descendant of AID/JOSS.
Versions: FOCAL-69, FOCAL-1971, FOCAL-11 (for PDP-11 under RT-11).
2. Forty-One CAlculator Language.
The programming language of the HP-41 calculator line.


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  • Focal amyloidosis

    focal amyloidosis n. See nodular amyloidosis.

  • Focal-area

    noun, Linguistics. 1. (in dialect geography) an area whose dialect has exerted influence on the dialects of surrounding areas, as reflected in a set of isoglosses more or less concentrically surrounding it.

  • Focal depth

    focal depth n. A measure of the power of a lens to produce clear images at different distances from it. Also called depth of focus.

  • Focal epilepsy

    focal epilepsy n. An epileptic attack in which disturbance of cerebral function causes the twitching of a limb, the occurrence of a somatosensory or special sense phenomenon, or a focal disturbance of complex mental functions. Also called cortical epilepsy.

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