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[fog-boh, fawg-] /ˈfɒgˌboʊ, ˈfɔg-/

a bow, arc, or circle of white or yellowish hue seen in or against a ; a formed by droplets.
a faint arc of light sometimes seen in a fog bank Also called seadog, white rainbow
A faint white or yellowish arc-shaped light that sometimes appears in fog opposite the Sun. A fogbow is similar to a rainbow but forms in a cloud or in fog. Also called cloudbow.


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    noun A drink of liquor taken in the morning [1833+; supposed to protect one against the danger of the morning fog]

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    [fog-dawg, -dog, fawg] /ˈfɒgˌdɔg, -ˌdɒg, ˈfɔg/ noun 1. a bright spot sometimes seen in a . /ˈfɒɡˌdɒɡ/ noun 1. a whitish spot sometimes seen in fog near the horizon Also called seadog

  • Fog-drip

    noun 1. water falling to the ground from trees, especially conifers, that have collected the moisture from fog.

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