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any attempt to practice charms, spells, etc., to control events or people.


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  • Folk-mass

    noun 1. a liturgical mass in which traditional music is replaced by folk music.

  • Folk-medicine

    noun 1. health practices arising from superstition, cultural traditions, or empirical use of native remedies, especially food substances. noun 1. the traditional art of medicine as practised among rustic communities and primitive peoples, consisting typically of the use of herbal remedies, fruits and vegetables thought to have healing power, etc folk medicine n. Traditional medicine […]

  • Folk memory

    noun 1. the memory of past events as preserved in a community

  • Folk-music

    noun 1. music, usually of simple character and anonymous authorship, handed down among the common people by oral tradition. 2. music by known composers that has become part of the folk tradition of a country or region. noun 1. music that is passed on from generation to generation by oral tradition Compare art music 2. […]

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