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[fohk-see] /ˈfoʊk si/

adjective, folksier, folksiest.
friendly or neighborly; sociable.
very informal; familiar; unceremonious:
The politician affected a folksy style.
belonging to the common people, especially in regard to a conscious use of mannerisms, speech patterns, attitudes, etc.:
folksy humor.
adjective -sier, -siest
of or like ordinary people; sometimes used derogatorily to describe affected simplicity
(informal, mainly US & Canadian) friendly; affable
of or relating to folk art

“sociable, unpretentious,” 1852, U.S. colloquial, from folks + -y (2).


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    [fohk-sing] /ˈfoʊkˌsɪŋ/ noun 1. an informal gathering for the singing of folk songs.

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    noun 1. a singer who specializes in folk songs, usually providing his or her own accompaniment on a guitar. noun 1. a person who sings folk songs or other songs in the folk idiom

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