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[foh-meez] /ˈfoʊ miz/

noun, plural fomites
[fom-i-teez, foh-mi-] /ˈfɒm ɪˌtiz, ˈfoʊ mɪ-/ (Show IPA), Usually, fomites, Medicine/Medical.
any agent, as clothing or bedding, that is capable of absorbing and transmitting the infecting organism of a disease.
noun (pl) -mites (-mɪtiːz)
(med) any material, such as bedding or clothing, that may harbour pathogens and therefore convey disease

fomes fo·mes (fō’mēz)
n. pl. fom·i·tes (fŏm’ĭ-tēz’, fō’mĭ-)


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