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Food drive


a campaign to collect foodstuffs for charity distribution

Tons of food were collected in the food drives for victims of the hurricane.
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Read Also:

  • Food fight

    noun phrase A messy and childish fight among people who smear and spatter each other with food: It makes for the kind of nice, political food fight that television politics specializes in serving up [1970s+; -aholic]

  • Food-fish

    noun 1. any fish used for food by human beings.

  • Food for the squirrels

    noun phrase squirrel-food (1940s+)

  • Food for thought

    An idea or issue to ponder, as in That interesting suggestion of yours has given us food for thought. This metaphoric phrase, transferring the idea of digestion from the stomach to mulling something over in the mind, dates from the late 1800s, although the idea was also expressed somewhat differently at least three centuries earlier.

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