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A folk singer or folk-music devotee: The precious youth audience was lost to the folkies and the rockers (1960s+)


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  • Foogol

    A tiny ALGOL-like language by Per Lindberg, based on the VALGOL I compiler, G.A. Edgar, DDJ May 1985. Runs on vaxen. Posted to comp.sources.Unix archive volume 8. (ftp://ftp.wustl.edu/systems/amiga/fish/fish/ff066).

  • Fool around with

    verb phrase To play or tamper with; coquette with; Fiddle With: I told you not to fool around with that gun; now you’ve shot Aunt Bessie/ Better not fool around with him, he’s a karate black belt (1875+)

  • Foolery

    [foo-luh-ree] /ˈfu lə ri/ noun, plural fooleries. 1. foolish action or conduct. 2. a foolish action, performance, or thing. /ˈfuːlərɪ/ noun (pl) -eries 1. foolish behaviour 2. an instance of this, esp a prank or trick n. 1550s, from fool (n.) + -ery.

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    jargon A term found on Usenet for a notional repository of all the most dramatically and abysmally stupid utterances ever. An entire subgenre of sig blocks consists of the header “From the fool file:” followed by some quote the poster wishes to represent as an immortal gem of dimwittery; for this usage to be really […]

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