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pertaining to music that has a rhythmical beat, i.e. would induce one to tap one’s foot

The band played some foot-tapping halftime music.


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  • Foot the bill

    verb phrase To pay the charges; pick up the tab (1819+) Pay the bill, settle the accounts, as in The bride’s father was resigned to footing the bill for the wedding. This expression uses foot in the sense of “add up and put the total at the foot, or bottom, of an account.” [ ; […]

  • Foot-ton

    [foo t-tuhn] /ˈfʊtˈtʌn/ noun, Physics. 1. a foot-pound-second unit of work or energy, equivalent to 2240 foot-pounds and equal to the energy expended in raising a ton of 2240 pounds a distance of one foot against the force of gravity. noun 1. a unit of work or energy equal to 2240 foot-pounds

  • Foot traffic

    noun 1. the wear and tear caused to a surface by people walking on it 2. (US & Canadian) the activity of pedestrians in a particular area

  • Foot valve

    noun 1. another name for suction valve 2. a nonreturn valve at the inlet end of a pipe

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