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Andrew Hull, 1806–63, U.S. naval officer.
Arthur William, 1853–1937, U.S. organist.
Shelby, 1916–2005, U.S. novelist and historian.
Contemporary Examples

“Somary came into my office with the mother and strenuously denied everything,” Foote said.
5 Revelations of Abuse From the Expose of Abuse at Horace Mann Matthew DeLuca June 8, 2012

Foote lasted for three years as headmaster and has since suffered a stroke, but told Kamil that he could remember the incident.
5 Revelations of Abuse From the Expose of Abuse at Horace Mann Matthew DeLuca June 8, 2012

Historical Examples

Foote presented this comedy to Garrick, as the profits were to be given to a poor actor, named Worsdale.
Cornish Worthies, Volume 1 (of 2) Walter H. Tregellas

The concrete was a 1-3-6 mixture and was mixed in a Foote mixer.
Concrete Construction Halbert P. Gillette

And so hie remaned upoun his Foote, and was tackin, whill the multitud fledd, and took the greattar schame.
The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6) John Knox

Therefore if the Spanish Foote, being the least, be devided into 12.
The Way To Geometry Peter Ramus

The union officials took Foote and his heavy portmanteau to the Union.
Highways and Byways in Surrey Eric Parker

Lastly, the place of the station is from the midst of the Foote.
The Way To Geometry Peter Ramus

Foote hesitated, as running batteries was then an untried experiment.
The Secret Service. Albert D. Richardson

Foote was of the stamp of Lyon, of the stamp of patriot-heroes.
Diary from November 12, 1862, to October 18, 1863 Adam Gurowski


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