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[foo t-ling] /ˈfʊt lɪŋ/

adjective, Informal.
foolish; silly:
ridiculous, footling remarks.
trifling or useless.
[foo t-l] /ˈfʊt l/ Informal.
verb (used without object), footled, footling.
to act or talk in a foolish or silly way.
nonsense; foolishness; silliness.
(informal) silly, trivial, or petty
verb (intransitive)
often foll by around or about. to loiter aimlessly; potter
to talk nonsense
(rare) foolishness

“to trifle,” 1892, from dialectal footer “to trifle,” footy “mean, paltry” (1752), perhaps from French se foutre “to care nothing,” from Old French foutre “to copulate with,” from Latin futuere, originally “to strike, thrust” (cf. confute). But OED derives the English dialect words from foughty (c.1600), from Dutch vochtig or Danish fugtig “damp, musty;” related to fog (n.).


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