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[foo t-noht] /ˈfʊtˌnoʊt/

an explanatory or documenting or comment at the bottom of a page, referring to a specific part of the text on the page.
a minor or tangential comment or event added or subordinated to a main statement or more important event.
verb (used with object), footnoted, footnoting.
to add a footnote or footnotes to (a text, statement, etc.); annotate:
to footnote a dissertation.
a note printed at the bottom of a page, to which attention is drawn by means of a reference mark in the body of the text
an additional comment, as to a main statement
(transitive) to supply (a page, book, etc) with footnotes

1841, from foot (n.) + note (n.). So called from its original position at the foot of a page. Also sometimes formerly Bottom note. As a verb, from 1864. Related: Footnoted; footnoting.


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