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[foo t-reys] /ˈfʊtˌreɪs/

a run by contestants on .


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  • Foot-rail

    noun, Furniture. 1. a stretcher connecting the legs of a piece of furniture, as a chair or table, upon which the feet may be rested.

  • Foot-reflexology

    noun 1. (def 1).

  • Footrest

    [foo t-rest] /ˈfʊtˌrɛst/ noun 1. a support for a person’s , as an attachment to a barber’s chair or a dentist’s chair. /ˈfʊtˌrɛst/ noun 1. something that provides a support for the feet, such as a low stool, rail, etc

  • Footrope

    [foo t-rohp] /ˈfʊtˌroʊp/ noun, Nautical. 1. the portion of the boltrope to which the lower edge of a sail is sewn. 2. a suspended a few beneath a yard, bowsprit, jib boom, or spanker boom to give a for a person handling sails. /ˈfʊtˌrəʊp/ noun (nautical) 1. the part of a boltrope to which the […]

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