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An act, choice, utterance, etc, that damages one’s reputation or standing: Saying ”stuff it” out loud was a real footshot

[1970s+ Army; fr shoot oneself in the foot]


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  • Force of nature

    noun in physics, one of the four fundamental forces that occur in nature and affect the structure of the universe, including gravitation, electromagnetism, strong force, and weak force Usage Note science

  • Forceone

    A programming language by Andrew K. Wright. [“Polymorphism in the Compiled Language ForceOne”, G.V. Cormack et al, Proc 20th Annual Hawaii Intl Conf on System Sciences, 1987, pp.284-292]. [“Design of the Programming Language ForceOne”, A.K. Wright, MS Thesis, U Waterloo 1987]. (1994-10-24)

  • Force-out

    [fawrs-out, fohrs-] /ˈfɔrsˌaʊt, ˈfoʊrs-/ noun, Baseball. 1. a put-out of a base runner on a force play.

  • Force-play

    noun, Baseball. 1. a situation in which a base runner is forced to advance to a base or to home plate as a result of the batter becoming a base runner or to make room for another base runner.

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