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For the long ball

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go for the long ball


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  • For the long haul

    adverb phrase For a long while; for a period of difficulty and strain: The slump in sales of women’s apparel is here for the long haul [1930s+; the long haul, ”a transcontinental run,” is found in bus drivers’ talk by 1938]

  • For the love of pete

    interjection An exclamation of emphasis, surprise, impatience, disbelief, dismay, etc; for crying out loud: I already did it, for the love of Pete! (1910+)

  • For the moment

    Also, for the present; for the time being. Temporarily, during the period under consideration, for now. For example, For the moment I am tied up, but I’ll get to it next week, or This room arrangement will do for the present, or Jim will act as secretary for the time being. The first term dates […]

  • Fort-henry

    noun 1. a Confederate fort in NW Tennessee, on the Tennessee River: captured by Union forces in 1862. [hen-ree] /ˈhɛn ri/ noun 1. Joseph, 1797–1878, U.S. physicist. 2. O. pen name of . 3. Patrick, 1736–99, American patriot, orator, and statesman. 4. Cape, a cape in SE Virginia at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. […]

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