B(ertie) C(harles) 1880–1954, U.S. financial journalist, publisher, and financier.
Esther, 1894?–1967, U.S. novelist.
George William, 1869–1947, New Zealand statesman: prime minister 1930–35.
Contemporary Examples

Currently she writes for The Daily Beast, The Washington Post, Time, and Forbes.
The New White House Wallflower Sandra McElwaine December 19, 2009

In December 2011, Forbes declared it the ninth-safest city in America.
Aurora, Colorado: Small Town Shaken by ‘Dark Knight’ Shooting Kevin Fallon July 20, 2012

He is also a columnist for Trader Monthly magazine, and a freelance writer for The New York Post, Forbes and other publications.
Stop Bashing Wall Street! Charlie Gasparino February 1, 2009

In a reassuring twist, Forbes, that Tea Party precursor, called on the government to regulate production, and quick!
What ‘Bath Salts’ Will—and Won’t—Make You Do Kent Sepkowitz May 31, 2012

And whatever it is that Michelle O has—that which Forbes chooses to call “power”—is not intrinsic to her.
Michelle Obama’s Power Trip Tunku Varadarajan October 6, 2010

Historical Examples

What amused him most was the demeanor of Mr. Forbes; he had expected vituperations from him at every point of his confession.
For Gold or Soul? Lurana W. Sheldon

Rhubarb down at the point at the Forbes Municipal Field, but that’s about all.
The Circuit Riders R. C. FitzPatrick

You proved that fact to me many months ago, said Forbes, with one of his whimsical, inscrutable smiles.
Three Little Women’s Success Gabrielle E. Jackson

Most likely not, I thought; but I said no more to Mrs. Forbes.
Mugby Junction Charles Dickens

Mr. Forbes, poor Hands’s assistant, is away on the shores of the Dead Sea, but we have sent for him by the camel garrison post.
When It Was Dark Guy Thorne

George William. 1869–1947, New Zealand statesman; prime minister of New Zealand (1930–35)

U.S. financial publication, founded 1917 by Scottish-born Wall Street journalist B.C. Forbes (1880-1954) and publisher Walter Drey.

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