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Forced alimentation

forced alimentation n.
See forced feeding.


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  • Forced beat

    forced beat n.

  • Forced development

    noun 1. the processing of underexposed photographic film to increase the image density

  • Forced-draft

    [fawrst-draft, -drahft, fohrst-] /ˈfɔrstˌdræft, -ˌdrɑft, ˈfoʊrst-/ adjective 1. using a flow of air or air forced through a pipe or system of pipes by fans or blowers: a forced-draft central heating system. 2. proceeding at full speed or intensity: forced-draft production of the medicine.

  • Force de frappe

    /French fɔrs də frap/ noun 1. a military strike force, esp the independent nuclear strike force of France

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