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Forced feeding

forced feeding n.

force’-feed’ v.


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  • Forcedly

    [fawrst, fohrst] /fɔrst, foʊrst/ adjective 1. enforced or compulsory: forced labor. 2. strained, unnatural, or affected: a forced smile. 3. subjected to . 4. required by circumstances; emergency: a forced landing of an airplane. /fɔːst/ adjective 1. done because of force; compulsory: forced labour 2. false or unnatural: a forced smile 3. due to an […]

  • Forced-march

    noun, Military. 1. any march that is longer than troops are accustomed to and maintained at a faster pace than usual, generally undertaken for a particular objective under emergency conditions. noun 1. (military) a march in which normal needs are subordinated to the need for speed

  • Forced perspective

    noun 1. the use of objects or images that are larger or smaller than they should be, to suggest that they are nearer or further away than they really are

  • Force-draft

    [fawrs-draft, -drahft, fohrs-] /ˈfɔrsˈdræft, -ˈdrɑft, ˈfoʊrs-/ verb (used with object) 1. to draft (a law, proposal, or the like) quickly or under extreme pressure: The committee must force-draft a code of ethics to present to the meeting tomorrow. 2. to cause to proceed at full speed or intensity.

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