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the front outer edge of a book, opposite the bound edge.
the outer edge of the pages of a book


Read Also:

  • Fore-edge painting

    [fawr-ej, fohr-] /ˈfɔrˌɛdʒ, ˈfoʊr-/ noun 1. a technique of painting a picture on the fore edge of a book, often in such a manner that only when the pages are slightly fanned the picture is revealed.

  • Foreface

    [fawr-feys, fohr-] /ˈfɔrˌfeɪs, ˈfoʊr-/ noun 1. the area of the head that is in front of the eyes: applied especially to four-legged mammals.

  • Forefather

    [fawr-fah-th er, fohr-] /ˈfɔrˌfɑ ðər, ˈfoʊr-/ noun 1. an ancestor. /ˈfɔːˌfɑːðə/ noun 1. an ancestor, esp a male n. “ancestor,” c.1300, from fore- + father (n.); perhaps directly from Old Norse forfaðir.

  • Forefeel

    [verb fawr-feel, fohr-; noun fawr-feel, fohr-] /verb fɔrˈfil, foʊr-; noun ˈfɔrˌfil, ˈfoʊr-/ verb (used with object), forefelt, forefeeling. 1. to or perceive beforehand; have a presentiment of. noun 2. a beforehand.

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