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[fawr-top-gal-uh nt, fohr-; Nautical fawr-tuh-gal-uh nt, fohr-] /ˌfɔr tɒpˈgæl ənt, ˌfoʊr-; Nautical ˌfɔr təˈgæl ənt, ˌfoʊr-/

being a sail, yard, or rigging belonging to a fore-topgallant mast.
/ˌfɔːtɒpˈɡælənt; nautical ˌfɔːtəˈɡælənt/
(nautical) of, relating to, or being the topmost portion of a foremast, above the topmast: the fore-topgallant mast


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  • Fore-topgallant mast

    noun 1. the spar or section of a spar forming the topgallant portion of a foremast on a ship.

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    noun 1. the department of a government that handles foreign affairs. noun 1. the ministry of a country or state that is concerned with dealings with other states US equivalent State Department Canadian equivalent department of external affairs

  • Fore-topmast

    [fawr-top-mast, -mahst, fohr-; Nautical fawr-top-muh st, fohr-] /ˌfɔrˈtɒpˌmæst, -ˌmɑst, ˌfoʊr-; Nautical ˌfɔrˈtɒp məst, ˌfoʊr-/ noun 1. the spar or section of a pole mast serving as the topmast of a foremast on a ship. /fɔːˈtɒpˌmɑːst; nautical fɔːˈtɒpməst/ noun 1. (nautical) a mast stepped above a foremast

  • Fore-topsail

    [fohr-top-seyl, fawr-; Nautical fohr-top-suh l, fawr-] /ˌfoʊrˈtɒpˌseɪl, ˌfɔr-; Nautical ˌfoʊrˈtɒp səl, ˌfɔr-/ noun 1. a topsail set on a foremast on a ship. /fɔːˈtɒpˌseɪl; nautical fɔːˈtɒpsəl/ noun 1. (nautical) a sail set on a fore-topmast

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