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[fawr-neymd, fohr-] /ˈfɔrˈneɪmd, ˈfoʊr-/

named before; mentioned before in the same writing or speech; aforementioned.
(prenominal) named or mentioned previously; aforesaid


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    [noun fawr-noon, fohr-; adjective fawr-noon, fohr-] /noun ˌfɔrˈnun, ˌfoʊr-; adjective ˈfɔrˌnun, ˈfoʊr-/ noun 1. the period of daylight before noon. 2. the latter part of the morning. adjective 3. of or relating to the forenoon. /ˈfɔːˌnuːn/ noun 1. n. c.1500, from fore- + noon.

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    noun, Nautical. 1. the watch from 8 a.m. until noon.

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