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[fawr-ruhn-er, fohr-, fawr-ruhn-er, fohr-] /ˈfɔrˌrʌn ər, ˈfoʊr-, fɔrˈrʌn ər, foʊr-/

predecessor; ancestor; forebear; precursor.
an omen, sign, or indication of something to follow; portent:
The warm evenings were a forerunner of summer.
a person who goes or is sent in advance to announce the coming of someone or something that follows; herald; harbinger.
the Forerunner, John the Baptist.
a person or thing that precedes another; precursor
a person or thing coming in advance to herald the arrival of someone or something; harbinger
an indication beforehand of something to follow; omen; portent

c.1300, from fore + runner. Middle English rendition of Latin praecursor, in reference to John the Baptist as the forerunner of Christ. The Old English word was foreboda.

John the Baptist went before our Lord in this character (Mark 1:2, 3). Christ so called (Heb. 6:20) as entering before his people into the holy place as their head and guide.


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