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[fohr-stawl, fawr-] /foʊrˈstɔl, fɔr-/

verb (used with object)
to prevent, hinder, or thwart by action in advance:
to forestall a riot by deploying police.
to act beforehand with or get ahead of; anticipate.
to buy up (goods) in advance in order to increase the price when resold.
to prevent sales at (a fair, market, etc.) by buying up or diverting goods.
verb (transitive)
to delay, stop, or guard against beforehand
to anticipate


late 14c. (implied in forestalling), “to lie in wait for;” also “to intercept goods before they reach public markets and buy them privately” (formerly a crime; mid-14c. in this sense in Anglo-French), from Old English noun foresteall “intervention, hindrance (of justice); an ambush, a waylaying,” literally “a standing before (someone),” from fore- “before” + steall “standing position” (see stall (n.1)). Modern sense of “to anticipate and delay” is from 1580s. Related: Forestalled; forestalling.


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