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[fawr-mawl, -mohl] /ˈfɔr mɔl, -moʊl/

noun, Chemistry.


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  • Formosa

    [fawr-moh-suh] /fɔrˈmoʊ sə/ noun 1. . /fɔːˈməʊsə/ noun 1. the former name of Taiwan old name of Taiwan, given by Portuguese, from Portuguese Formosa insula “beautiful island,” from fem. of Latin formosus “beautiful, handsome, finely formed,” from forma (see form (n.)).

  • Formosa-strait

    noun 1. . noun 1. an arm of the Pacific Ocean between China and Taiwan, connecting the East and South China Seas. noun 1. an arm of the Pacific between Taiwan and mainland China, linking the East and South China Seas Also called Taiwan Strait noun 1. another name for Formosa Strait

  • Formosus

    [fawr-moh-suh s] /fɔrˈmoʊ səs/ noun 1. a.d. c816–896, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 891–896.

  • Forms

    [fawrm] /fɔrm/ noun 1. external appearance of a clearly defined area, as distinguished from color or material; configuration: a triangular form. 2. the shape of a thing or person. 3. a body, especially that of a human being. 4. a dummy having the same measurements as a human body, used for fitting or displaying clothing: […]

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