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formylase for·myl·ase (fôr’mə-lās’, -lāz’)


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  • Formyl-group

    noun, Chemistry. 1. the univalent group HCO–, derived from formic acid.

  • Formylkynurenine

    formylkynurenine for·myl·ky·nu·re·nine (fôr’məl-kī-nur’ə-nēn’, -nyur’-) n. An intermediate that is formed during the breakdown of tryptophan.

  • Fornax

    [fawr-naks] /ˈfɔr næks/ noun, genitive Fornacis [fawr-nas-is, -ney-sis] /fɔrˈnæs ɪs, -ˈneɪ sɪs/ (Show IPA) 1. Astronomy. the Furnace, a small southern constellation south of Cetus and Eridanus. /ˈfɔːnæks/ noun (Latin genitive) Fornacis (fɔːˈneɪsɪs; -ˈnæs-) 1. a faint constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Cetus and Phoenix n. goddess of ovens in ancient Rome, from […]

  • Fornenst

    [fer-nenst] /fərˈnɛnst/ preposition, Midland U.S. and British Dialect. 1. next to; near to: They walked fornenst one another down the sidewalk. 2. against; facing; opposite. /fɔːˈnɛnst/ preposition 1. (Scot & Northeast English, dialect) situated against or facing towards

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