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[fawr-wer-der] /ˈfɔr wər dər/

a person who .
a person or thing that forwards
a person engaged in the bookbinding process of forwarding
See forwarding agent


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  • Forward error correction

    algorithm (FEC) A class of methods for controling errors in a one-way communication system. FEC sends extra information along with the data, which can be used by the receiver to check and correct the data. A CPU writing data to RAM is a kind of one-way communication – see error correcting memory and error checking […]

  • Forward-exchange

    noun 1. a foreign bill purchased at a stipulated price and payable at a future date.

  • Forward heart failure

    forward heart failure for·ward heart failure (fôr’wərd) n. Congestive heart failure resulting from inadequate cardiac output, characterized by weakness, fatigue, and the retention of sodium and water.

  • Forwarding

    [fawr-wer-ding] /ˈfɔr wər dɪŋ/ noun 1. Bookbinding. a stage in which sections of a book are stitched, fitted with a back, pasted, etc., before being placed in the completed cover. 2. Engraving. the process of starting a copper plate by etching and of finishing with a graver. [fawr-werd] /ˈfɔr wərd/ adverb, Also, forwards (for defs […]

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