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[fo-sair-ee-uh n, faw-] /fɒˈsɛər i ən, fɔ-/



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  • Fosse

    [fos, faws] /fɒs, fɔs/ noun 1. a moat or defensive ditch in a fortification, usually filled with water. 2. any ditch, trench, or canal. [fos-ee] /ˈfɒs i/ noun 1. Robert Louis (“Bob”) 1927–87, U.S. dancer, choreographer, and theater and film director. /fɒs/ noun 1. a ditch or moat, esp one dug as a fortification n. […]

  • Fossette

    [fo-set, faw-] /fɒˈsɛt, fɔ-/ noun 1. a small hollow or depression, as in a bivalve shell; dimple. 2. Pathology. a small, deep corneal ulcer. /fɒˈsɛt/ noun 1. (anatomy) a small depression or fossa, as in a bone 2. (pathol) a small deep ulcer of the cornea fossette fos·sette (fŏ-sět’) n.

  • Fosse way

    /fɒs/ noun 1. a Roman road in Britain between Lincoln and Exeter, with a fosse on each side

  • Fossey

    [fos-ee] /ˌfɒs i/ noun 1. Dian [dahy-an] /daɪˈæn/ (Show IPA), 1932–85, U.S. zoologist: expert on great apes. Fossey (fŏs’ē) American zoologist who conducted extensive studies of mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Africa. Her research brought about a new understanding of the gorilla’s behavior and habitat and supported conservation efforts in Africa.

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