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Fossil energy

heat energy released by burning fossil fuel


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  • Fossil-fuel

    noun, Energy. 1. any combustible organic material, as oil, coal, or natural gas, derived from the remains of former life. noun 1. any naturally occurring carbon or hydrocarbon fuel, such as coal, petroleum, peat, and natural gas, formed by the decomposition of prehistoric organisms fossil fuel A hydrocarbon deposit, such as petroleum, coal, or natural […]

  • Fossiliferous

    [fos-uh-lif-er-uh s] /ˌfɒs əˈlɪf ər əs/ adjective 1. bearing or containing , as rocks or strata. /ˌfɒsɪˈlɪfərəs/ adjective 1. (of sedimentary rocks) containing fossils adj. by 1830, from fossil + -ferous “producing, containing,” from ferre “to bear” (see infer).

  • Fossil-gum

    noun 1. any gum, found chiefly in the earth, that was yielded by a now fossilized tree.

  • Fossilization

    [fos-uh-lahyz] /ˈfɒs əˌlaɪz/ verb (used with object), fossilized, fossilizing. 1. Geology. to convert into a ; replace organic with mineral substances in the remains of an organism. 2. to change as if into mere lifeless remains or traces of the past. 3. to make rigidly antiquated: Time has fossilized such methods. verb (used without object), […]

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