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[fawr-uh-kat, fohr-] /ˈfɔr əˌkæt, ˈfoʊr-/



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  • Fouta-djallon

    [foo-tuh juh-lohn; French foo-tai dja-lawn] /ˈfu tə dʒəˈloʊn; French fuˈtɛə ddʒa lɔ̃/ noun 1. a highland pastoral region in West Africa, in central Guinea, also in Sierra Leone and Liberia. 30,000 sq. mi. (77,700 sq. km).

  • Fouter

    [foo-ter] /ˈfu tər/ noun, Archaic. 1. something that has no value (used in expressions of contempt): A fouter for the world, say I!

  • Fov

    field of view

  • Fovea

    [foh-vee-uh] /ˈfoʊ vi ə/ noun, plural foveae [foh-vee-ee] /ˈfoʊ viˌi/ (Show IPA). Biology. 1. a small pit or depression in a bone or other structure. /ˈfəʊvɪə/ noun (pl) -veae (-vɪˌiː) 1. (anatomy) any small pit or depression in the surface of a bodily organ or part 2. See fovea centralis n. 1849, from Latin fovea […]

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