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[fawr-ahyd, fohr-] /ˈfɔrˌaɪd, ˈfoʊr-/

having or seeming to have four eyes.
Slang: Usually Disparaging. wearing eyeglasses (sometimes used facetiously).


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  • Four-eyed fish

    noun 1. a small, surface-swimming fish, Anableps anableps, inhabiting shallow, muddy streams of Mexico and Central America, having each eye divided, with the upper half adapted for seeing in air and the lower half for seeing in water. noun 1. either of two viviparous tropical American freshwater cyprinodont fishes, Anableps anableps or A. microlepis, that […]

  • Four-eyed opossum

    noun 1. a small opossum, Metachirops (Philander) opossum, ranging from Mexico to Brazil, having a white spot above each eye.

  • Four-eyes

    [fawr-ahyz, fohr-] /ˈfɔrˌaɪz, ˈfoʊr-/ noun, plural four-eyes. 1. Slang: Usually Disparaging. a person who wears eyeglasses (sometimes used facetiously). 2. . noun 1. a disparaging term of address for a person wearing spectacles noun A person who wears eyeglasses (1874+)

  • Fourfold

    [fawr-fohld, fohr-] /ˈfɔrˌfoʊld, ˈfoʊr-/ adjective 1. comprising four parts or members. 2. four times as great or as much. adverb 3. in fourfold measure. /ˈfɔːˌfəʊld/ adjective 1. equal to or having four times as many or as much 2. composed of four parts adverb 3. by or up to four times as many or as […]

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