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[foo r-uh-zhair; French foo-ra-zher] /ˈfʊər əˌʒɛər; French fu raˈʒɛr/

noun, plural fourragères
[foo r-uh-zhairz; French foo-ra-zher] /ˈfʊər əˌʒɛərz; French fu raˈʒɛr/ (Show IPA) (in French and U.S. military use)
an ornament of cord worn on the shoulder.
such a cord awarded as an honorary decoration, as to members of a regiment or other unit that has received a requisite number of citations.
/ˈfʊərəˌʒɛə; French furaʒɛr/
an ornamental cord worn on the shoulder of a uniform for identification or as an award, esp in the US and French Armies


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