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[foks-gluhv] /ˈfɒksˌglʌv/

any Eurasian plant belonging to the genus Digitalis, of the figwort family, especially D. purpurea, having drooping, tubular, purple or white flowers on tall spikes, and leaves that are the source of digitalis in medicine.
any Eurasian scrophulariaceous plant of the genus Digitalis, esp D. purpurea, having spikes of purple or white thimble-like flowers. The soft wrinkled leaves are a source of digitalis

Old English foxes glofa; the reason for fox is uncertain. Cf. Old English foxesfot (“fox foot”) “xiphion;” foxesclate “burdock.”

foxglove fox·glove (fŏks’glŭv’)
Any of several herbs of the genus Digitalis, especially D. purpurea , having a long cluster of large, tubular, pinkish-purple flowers and leaves that are the source of the drug digitalis.


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