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fully qualified host name


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  • Fql

    language A functional database language. [“An Implementation Technique for Database Query Languages”, O.P. Buneman et al, ACM Trans Database Sys 7(2):164-186 (June 1982)]. (1995-04-27)

  • Fr

    Symbol, Chemistry. 1. . 1. Real Estate. family room. 2. freight release. 1. . 2. plural Fr. Frs. . 3. . 4. 1 . 5. . 6. . 7. . 1. . 2. plural fr. frs. . 3. . abbreviation 1. France abbreviation 1. (Christianity) Chemical symbol 2. francium abbreviation 1. Faeroes (international car registration) […]

  • F.r.

    Latin folio recto (right-hand page or obverse of page)

  • Fra

    [frah] /frɑ/ noun, Roman Catholic Church. 1. a title of address for a friar or brother. /frɑː/ noun 1. brother: a title given to an Italian monk or friar Wireless Local Loop 1. Federal Railroad Administration 2. Rhein-Main Airport (Frankfurt, Germany)

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