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[frak-shuh-neyt] /ˈfræk ʃəˌneɪt/

verb (used with object), fractionated, fractionating.
to separate or divide into component parts, fragments, divisions, etc.
to separate (a mixture) into ingredients or into portions having different properties, as by distillation or crystallization; cause to undergo , crystallization, or the like.
to obtain by such a process.
to separate or cause to separate into constituents or into fractions containing concentrated constituents
(transitive) (chem) to obtain (a constituent of a mixture) by a fractional process


Read Also:

  • Fractionating column

    noun 1. (chem) a long vertical cylinder used in fractional distillation, in which internal reflux enables separation of high and low boiling fractions to take place

  • Fractionation

    [frak-shuh-ney-shuh n] /ˌfræk ʃəˈneɪ ʃən/ noun 1. the act or process of . 2. the state of being . 3. Military. the division of a missile’s payload into several warheads. fractionation frac·tion·a·tion (frāk’shə-nā’shən) n. fractionation (frāk’shə-nā’shən) The separation of a chemical compound into components by fractional crystallization or fractional distillation.

  • Fractionator

    [frak-shuh-ney-ter] /ˈfræk ʃəˌneɪ tər/ noun 1. Chemistry. an apparatus for fractional distillation. Compare . 2. any apparatus capable of separating complex liquid substances, as blood, into their component parts.

  • Fractioned

    [frak-shuh n] /ˈfræk ʃən/ noun 1. Mathematics. 2. Chemistry. (in a volatile mixture) a component whose range of boiling point temperatures allows it to be separated from other components by fractionation. 3. a part as distinct from the whole of anything; portion or section: The meeting started with a fraction of us present. 4. a […]

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