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Fracture by contrecoup

fracture by contrecoup n.
See contrafissura.


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    [frak-cher] /ˈfræk tʃər/ noun 1. the breaking of a bone, cartilage, or the like, or the resulting condition. Compare , , , , . 2. the act of breaking; state of being broken. 3. a break, breach, or split. 4. the characteristic manner of breaking: a material of unpredictable fracture. 5. the characteristic appearance of […]

  • Fracture-zone

    noun, Oceanography. 1. a long, narrow rift on the ocean floor, separating areas of differing depth: where such a zone crosses a mid-ocean ridge, it displaces the ridge by faulting.

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    [frak-tuh s] /ˈfræk təs/ adjective, Meteorology. (of a cloud) 1. containing small, individual elements that have a ragged appearance.

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    communications Frame Relay Access Device. Frame Relay access device

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