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[noun frag-muh nt; verb frag-muh nt, -ment, frag-ment] /noun ˈfræg mənt; verb ˈfræg mənt, -mɛnt, frægˈmɛnt/

a part broken off or detached:
scattered fragments of the broken vase.
an isolated, unfinished, or incomplete part:
She played a fragment of her latest composition.
an odd piece, bit, or scrap.
verb (used without object)
to collapse or break into fragments; disintegrate:
The chair fragmented under his weight.
verb (used with object)
to break (something) into pieces or fragments; cause to disintegrate:
Outside influences soon fragmented the Mayan culture.
to divide into fragments; disunify.
Computers. to split a file into smaller parts and store in non-contiguous sectors on a disk, resulting in of both the file and available free space on the disk.
Compare (def 4).
noun (ˈfræɡmənt)
a piece broken off or detached: fragments of rock
an incomplete piece; portion: fragments of a novel
a scrap; morsel; bit
verb (fræɡˈmɛnt)
to break or cause to break into fragments

early 15c., from Latin fragmentum “a fragment, remnant,” literally “a piece broken off,” from root of frangere “to break” (see fraction).

by 1788 (implied in fragmented), from fragment (n.). Related: Fragmenting.

fragment frag·ment (frāg’mənt)

v. frag·ment·ed, frag·ment·ing, frag·ments (frāg’měnt’)
To break or separate into fragments.


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