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a woodworking chisel for heavy work and deep cuts, often having a handle reinforced to withstand blows from a metal hammer head.


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  • Framingham

    [frey-ming-ham] /ˈfreɪ mɪŋˌhæm/ noun 1. a town in E Massachusetts.

  • Framing specification

    A specification of the “protocol bits” that surround the “data bits” on a communications channel to allow the data to be “framed” into chunks, like start and stop bits in EIA-232. It allows a receiver to synchronize at points along the data stream. (1995-01-13)

  • Framing-square

    noun 1. a steel square usually having on its faces various tables and scales useful to the carpenter.

  • Fran

    [fran] /fræn/ noun 1. a male given name, form of . 2. a female given name, form of . [tahr-kuh n-tuh n] /ˈtɑr kən tən/ noun 1. Francis Asbury (“Fran”) born 1940, U.S. football player.

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