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Francisco pizarro

[pi-zahr-oh; Spanish pee-thahr-raw, -sahr-] /pɪˈzɑr oʊ; Spanish piˈθɑr rɔ, -ˈsɑr-/

[fran-sis-koh;; Spanish frahn-thees-kaw,, -sees-] /frænˈsɪs koʊ;; Spanish frɑnˈθis kɔ,, -ˈsis-/ (Show IPA), c1470–1541, Spanish conqueror of Peru.
/pɪˈzɑːrəʊ; Spanish piˈθarrɔ/
Francisco (franˈθisko). ?1475–1541, Spanish conqueror of Peru. He landed in Peru (1532), murdered the Inca King Atahualpa (1533), and founded Lima as the new capital of Peru (1535). He was murdered by his own followers


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