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[fran-juh-pan-ee, -pah-nee] /ˌfræn dʒəˈpæn i, -ˈpɑ ni/

noun, plural frangipanis, frangipani.
a perfume prepared from or imitating the odor of the flower of a tropical American tree or shrub, Plumeria rubra, of the dogbane family.
the tree or shrub itself.
noun (pl) -panis, -pani
any tropical American apocynaceous shrub of the genus Plumeria, esp P. rubra, cultivated for its waxy typically white or pink flowers, which have a sweet overpowering scent
a perfume prepared from this plant or resembling the odour of its flowers
(Austral) native frangipani, an Australian evergreen tree, Hymenosporum flavum, with large fragrant yellow flowers: family Pittosporaceae

type of shrub, 1864; earlier frangipane, a type of perfume (1670s), from French frangipane (16c.), said to be from Frangipani, the family name of the Italian inventor.

FRANGIPANI, an illustrious and powerful Roman House, which traces its origin to the 7th c., and attained the summit of its glory in the 11th and 12th centuries. … The origin of the name Frangipani is attributed to the family’s benevolent distribution of bread in time of famine. [“Chambers’s Encyclopædia,” 1868]


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