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Frank whittle

[hwit-l, wit-l] /ˈʰwɪt l, ˈwɪt l/

Sir Frank, 1907–96, English engineer and inventor.
to cut or shave strips or pieces from (wood, a stick, etc), esp with a knife
(transitive) to make or shape by paring or shaving
(transitive; often foll by away, down, off, etc) to reduce, destroy, or wear away gradually
(Northern English, dialect) (intransitive) to complain or worry about something continually
(Brit, dialect) a knife, esp a large one
Sir Frank. 1907–96, English engineer, who invented the jet engine for aircraft; flew first British jet aircraft (1941)

1550s, “to cut thin shavings from (something) with a knife,” from Middle English whittel “a knife” (c1400), variant of thwittle (late 14c.), from Old English þwitan “to cut,” from Proto-Germanic *thwitanan (cf. Old Norse þveita “to hew”). Figurative sense is attested from 1746. Related: Whittled; whittling.
British aeronautical engineer and inventor who developed the first aircraft engine powered by jet propulsion in 1937.


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