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Franklin pierce

[peers] /pɪərs/

Franklin, 1804–69, 14th president of the U.S. 1853–57.
John Robinson, 1910–2002, U.S. electrical engineer: helped develop communications satellites.
a male given name, form of .
verb (mainly transitive)
to form or cut (a hole) in (something) with or as if with a sharp instrument
to thrust into or penetrate sharply or violently: the thorn pierced his heel
to force (a way, route, etc) through (something)
(of light) to shine through or penetrate (darkness)
(also intransitive) to discover or realize (something) suddenly or (of an idea) to become suddenly apparent
(of sounds or cries) to sound sharply through (the silence)
to move or affect (a person’s emotions, bodily feelings, etc) deeply or sharply: the cold pierced their bones
(intransitive) to penetrate or be capable of penetrating: piercing cold
Franklin. 1804–69, US statesman; 14th president of the US (1853–57)

late 13c. “make a hole in; force one’s way through,” from Anglo-French perser, Old French percier “pierce, transfix, drive through” (12c., Modern French percer), probably from Vulgar Latin *pertusiare, frequentative of Latin pertusus, past participle of pertundere “to thrust or bore through,” from per- “through” (see per) + tundere “to beat, pound,” from PIE *tund-, from root *(s)teu- “to push, strike, knock, beat, thrust” (see obtuse). Related: Pierced; piercing.


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