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[fruh-tur-nl] /frəˈtɜr nl/

of or befitting a brother or brothers; brotherly.
of or being a society of men associated in brotherly union, as for mutual aid or benefit:
a fraternal order; a fraternal association.
of or suitable to a brother; brotherly
of or relating to a fraternity
designating either or both of a pair of twins of the same or opposite sex that developed from two separate fertilized ova Compare identical (sense 3)

1610s, from fraternal + -ly (2).

early 15c., from Middle French fraternel and directly from Medieval Latin fraternalis, from Latin fraternus “brotherly” (see fraternity). The noun meaning “fraternal twin” is recorded by 1911.

fraternal fra·ter·nal (frə-tûr’nəl)


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