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[fra-tri-sahyd, frey-] /ˈfræ trɪˌsaɪd, ˈfreɪ-/

a person who kills his or her brother.
the act of killing one’s brother.
/ˈfrætrɪˌsaɪd; ˈfreɪ-/
the act of killing one’s brother
a person who kills his brother
(military) the destruction of or interference with a nuclear missile before it can strike its target caused by the earlier explosion of a warhead at a nearby target

1804, from fratricide + -al (1).

mid-15c., “person who kills a brother;” 1560s, “act of killing a brother,” from Latin fratricida “brother-slayer,” from frater “brother” (see brother) + cida “killer,” or cidum “a killing,” both from caedere “to kill, to cut down” (see -cide). Among several Old English words for this were broðorbana “one who kills a brother;” broðorcwealm “act of killing a brother.”


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