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[German frou-uh n-felt] /German ˈfraʊ ənˌfɛlt/

a town in and the capital of Thurgau, in N Switzerland.
[toor-gou] /ˈtur gaʊ/
a canton in NE Switzerland. 388 sq. mi. (1005 sq. km).
Capital: Frauenfeld.
/German ˈfrauənfɛlt/
a town in NE Switzerland, capital of Thurgau canton. Pop: 21 954 (2000)
/German ˈtuːrɡau/
a canton of NE Switzerland, on Lake Constance: annexed by the confederated Swiss states in 1460. Capital: Frauenfeld. Pop: 229 800 (2002 est). Area: 1007 sq km (389 sq miles) French name Thurgovie (tyrɡɔvi)


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