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[fred] /frɛd/

a male given name, form of .
[per-ee] /ˈpɛr i/
Antoinette, 1888–1946, U.S. actress, theatrical manager, and producer.
Bliss, 1860–1954, U.S. educator, literary critic, and editor.
Frederick John (“Fred”) 1909–1995, British tennis player.
Matthew Calbraith
[kal-breyth] /ˈkæl breɪθ/ (Show IPA), 1794–1858, U.S. commodore.
his brother, Oliver Hazard, 1785–1819, U.S. naval officer.
Ralph Barton, 1876–1957, U.S. philosopher and educator.
a male given name: from a Middle English word meaning “pear tree.”.
noun (pl) -ries
alcoholic drink made of pears, similar in taste to cider
Fred(erick John). 1909–95, English tennis and table-tennis player; world singles table-tennis champion (1929); as a tennis player he won eight Grand Slam singles titles including the US Open three times (1933–34, 1936) and Wimbledon three times (1934–36)
Grayson. born 1960, English potter, embroiderer, and film-maker; won the Turner Prize (2003).
Matthew Calbraith. 1794–1858, US naval officer, who led a naval expedition to Japan that obtained a treaty (1854) opening up Japan to western trade
his brother, Oliver Hazard. 1785–1819, US naval officer. His defeat of a British squadron on Lake Erie (1813) was the turning point in the War of 1812, leading to the recapture of Detroit

surname attested from late 12c., literally “dweller by the pear tree.”


A despised person; geek, jerk: When Mark missed an easy shot, his friends called him a fred

[1980s+ Students; fr the name of a character in the television show and movie The Flintstones]

Robert Carr. Language used by Framework, Ashton-Tate.
[Jargon File]

1. The personal name most frequently used as a metasyntactic variable (see foo). Allegedly popular because it’s easy for a non-touch-typist to type on a standard QWERTY keyboard. Unlike J. Random Hacker or “J. Random Loser”, this name has no positive or negative loading (but see Mbogo, Dr. Fred). See also barney.
2. An acronym for “Flipping Ridiculous Electronic Device”; other F-verbs may be substituted for “flipping”.


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